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Usines Center Villacoublay - Vélizy-Villacoublay

Usines Center Villacoublay
address Usines Center Villacoublay - Vélizy-Villacoublay route André-citroën 78 140 - Vélizy-Villacoublay

phone Usines Center Villacoublay - Vélizy-Villacoublay + 33 (0)1 39 46 45 00

website Usines Center Villacoublay Usines Center Villacoublay

It was under this banner Usines Center that were born in 1985 in Ile de France, the first shopping centers comprising stores allowing consumers to achieve real bargains with discounts on collections of previous years. Today, many factory outlets and outlet centers exist, but Usines Center remains a reference and remains the most popular site in Ile de France.

Renovated in 2000 Usines Center Villacoublay offers a bright and clear atmosphere thanks to its impressive glass roof that dominates the entrance.

Usines Center Villacoublay will allow you to make very good bargains, boost your purchasing power, through its 140 stores and 500 brands in fashion, decoration and leisure. 

Access to Usines Center Villacoublay:

* From Paris:

Pont de Sèvres / N18 - exit 4.1 / Direction ZA Villacoublay

* From the A6:

A86 direction Versailles / Exit Petit Clamart / Direction ZA Villacoublay

* From Versailles:

A86 direction Créteil / Exit ZA Villacoublay

* From Chartres:

N118 exit Versailles direction ZA Villacoublay

hopening hours Usines Center VillacoublayThe Villacoublay Usines Center is open: Wednesday to Friday from 11am to 20h On Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 20pm

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