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Burberry - London

address Burberry - London 29-53 Chatham Place, Hackney E9 6LP - London

phone Burberry - London

Burberry is the ultimate symbol of British fashion, sold across the world and worn by millions.The prices are high but if you know where to go you can find bargains for luxury brand name clothes, mostly at factory outlet stores like Aquascutum  in London.

This is probably the cheapest Burberry store in London!

The Burberry factory outlet store is located in Hackney, East London.

The factory outlet is located in a massive, nondescript warehouse, with no Burberry sign anywhere. The only clues of what is inside are the two big security guards standing at the doorway. The entrance is also down an alley.

Once inside, there are literally hundreds of Burberry items for sale, spread out over 5 rooms. They literally had the whole Burberry range for sale, from shoes and boots to children’s clothing, jackets, the iconic Burberry Mac, trench coats, handbags, ties, wallets, scarves, women’s and men’s clothing, and accessories.
All the products were on clearance prices, massively discounted from the original RRP price. And these were not defective Burberry products either; they were genuine, fully functional clothing that I think were just last season’s or odd sizes (e.g. XS or XL).

Prices, for example, ranged from like £20 for wellingtons, up to around £400 for some of the trench coats, but that was still a massive saving from the original RRP price of £1000. They had polo shirts, blouses, purses, belts, winter coats, scarves… essentially it was like heaven, for Burberry fans. This Burberry Factory shop is a great place to pick up Burberry gifts and souvenirs for cheap.

Nearest Tube Station: Hackney Central Tube & Rail (5 minutes walk), Homerton Tube & Rail (10 minutes walk), Bethnal Green Tube (30 minutes walk, recommend to take bus or taxi/cab). Use the postcode in Google Maps to see a local map of the area.

Official Burberry boutique in central London address: 10 St. Albans Street, Mayfair, London SW1Y 4SQ (near Piccadilly Circus tube station)

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